The Failed Silence

Wizards Tell Lies - The Failed Silence (ALL)
Wizards Tell Lies second LP, ‘The Failed Silence’, the follow up to their eponymous 2011  album, guides the listener into uncharted waters – a solitary journey, visiting lonely yet expansive corners of the universe to find barren glitchy landscapes, communications from another world, dizzying spirals of noise and above all, hope.

The record finds the listener in search of calm – setting off on a voyage to places which suggest silence – deep space, the middle of the ocean, a dark forest, dreams – but nature, time and fear play a cruel trick, transforming that peace into an electrifying din of escalating echoes.
Wizards Tell Lies - The Failed Silence (FC)
From opening track, ‘Paralysed We Slumped Deeper Into the Gloom of the Consuming Waters’ – a sea shanty of sorts, soundtracking the descent into the waters of ‘The Failed Silence’ with an insistent sonic pulse – one thing is clear: there is no going back.

‘The Remembering’, a bleeping life support machine gives way to a dream-like hypnotic collage, leading into playful radiophonic swirls from some far off place in ‘Are You Coming Back Another Day?’.

The title track, ‘The Failed Silence’, pushes the listener headlong into that strange new new world – positioning them as an unwilling observer to a dystopian national anthem – evoking a nation at war; an interruption to peace-time – that sense, again, that silence is unobtainable.

Leaving those shores, ‘Another of Nature’s Treacheries’ details a passing ecological disaster – the fragile waters erupt into a devastating fight between nature and man’s desire to control it.

Dreaming of home provides no solace – ‘We Are In Your House’ – a claustrophobic suggestion of the life left behind being consumed by noise, fear, and panic from afar.

In ‘To Him Who Had Been’ – the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe is evoked in a spoken word track – detailing a mystery, a man bargaining with his memories, and the sharp focus one’s thoughts can take when literally staring down the barrel of a gun.

Closing the album, ‘Anabioein’ deposits the listener back in the real world: everything has changed – finally, in emerging from the sea that is The Failed Silence, its title is betrayed, providing that longed for sense of release, calm, and hope for the future.

Featuring British actor John Guilor, and Italian musician Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle In Grey, Meerkat), the eight tracks that comprise ‘The Failed Silence’ submerge the listener in a dense array of soundscapes and atmospheres – 70‘s electronic beats collide with off kilter melodic arrangements, while the Wizards stand over proceedings, stopping the silence becoming terminal.

Wizards Tell Lies‘The Failed Silence’ is released into the wild in October 2012 on First Fold Records.

These words were written by Paul McIntyre – editor, screenwriter and fire eater.
Album art by Gareth Courage
Album mastered by Andrea Marutti, Lips Vigo Digital Studio, Milan

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