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Communion EP

Variations of the track ‘Communion’ written by Black Classical.

Released 13 March 2015

Written by Black Classical

Produced by Wizards Tell Lies and The Revenant Sea

Wizards Tell Lies is:
Fox, Owl & Hart

Recorded and Mastered at Simiman Sound, March 2015

by Wizards Tell Lies

BKCLX v The Revenant Sea

Collaboration between Black Classical and WTL alter ego The Revenant Sea:

“Dii Consentes.
Maia, Jupiter.
Approval seven ten, one nine five eight.
One nine five nine to one nine six three.”

Harrow House
Your New Number IS
Mare Smythii 1
Mare Smythii 2
Dead Agenda

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The House In Harbour Park

Isobel Ccircle~ (the hive mind of April Larson and I) has a new album out on Auditory Field Theory!

Inspired by the personal journals of Detective J.H. which chart his investigation into the mysterious events that took place in The House In Harbour Park, Isobel Ccircle~’s album is part Clem Snide investigation and part X File, painting a haunting and often terrifying picture full of strange occurrences and unworldly rituals.

The Lousianian/Lancastrian duo of April Larson and Matt Bower has gone from strength to strength and ‘The House In Harbour Park’ sees Isobel Ccircle~ reach new heights and depths with its rich and captivating soundscapes.

Encased in a silver glitter shell, the edition includes a full color, 2 sided j-card insert housed in a clear plastic Norelco case. The cassette also includes immediate access to the digital version, which is available for download in numerous lossless audio formats.

A1 Vaporized Mercury (8:02)
A2 Harbour House Room 3 (Flashlight in the Fog) (3:45)
A3 The Keyhole Observations (4:13)
A4 Harbour House Room 2 (Noises in the Vents) (3:58)
A5 Exorcism Relocation Map (3:23)

B1 On the Fifth Night (Tears and Talons) (8:01)
B2 Harbour House Room 1 (Survive) (6:50)
B3 Voices in the Dial Tone (4:41)
B4 Voisix (5:47)

*Bonus Digital-only Tracks:
01 Stuck in Harbour House (9:22)
02 Their Names Were Buried With Their Corpses Just To Be Sure (4:33)

printed DIN A4 insert (artwork)
supplementary (4″ x 2.5″) 300g printed/hand-stamped insert

Produced by Isobel Ccircle~ (April Larson & Matt Bower)
Louisiana / Lancashire 2013/2014

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2014 Thanks

2014 thanks:
To all our Twitter and Facebook followers, the tweeters and bloggers, the mix makers and supporters thank you all for making 2014 so utterly fantastic and so creatively satisfying.

Special thanks to:
Stephanie Bithell, April Larson, Joshua Levesque, Simon McCorry, Stuart Tonge, Ben Sadler, Maxim Griffin, Paul McIntyre, Black Classical, Mark Chickenfish, Auditory Field Theory, Rano, Steve Dewhurst and J&C Tapes, Chapel Yard, Kek-W, Tim Noble, Crow Versus Crow, Aetheric Records, Soft Bodies Records, people-eaters, Dave Fleet, Phantom Circuit, The Seance Radio, J. Simpson, Tristan Bath, Leigh Wright, E.C. Steiner, Gareth Rees, Simon Drax, Joseph Stannard, Justin Watson
You are all gods xxx

Wizards Tell Lies will be hybernating in 2015 but Isobel Ccircle~ (April Larson and my collab) will be busy.
Keep your ears open.

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For Scant Applause

Charity Comp from Crow Verus Crow featuring Isobel Cccircle, April Larson, Slowthaw and others.

‘For Scant Applause: A Collection of Christmas-ish Songs Curated by Crow Versus Crow’

“The idea for this project came from a search for a Christmas album that didn’t rely on the same old tired (mostly) naff songs that over-saturate the festive period, to the point of vomit induction that the one-man devouring of a 7 bird roast could ever hope to match.
A question was posed via Facebook, scoping out artists who would be interested in contributing their work, to a very positive response and the project was a go’er.
Many artists involved in an extended network of the ‘No Audience Underground’ (Hayler have contributed to this eclectic body of original compositions, covers, reworkings and re-edits, that, in varying degrees, reference the Christmas period… Christmas-ish Songs. This project, quite obviously, would be nothing without their work and massive ‘thank you’s’ go out to all of the artists involved.
At this time of year, when Christmas is, in the best possible scenario, considered a time for spending quality time with and expressing the love for your family and friends, I find it impossible not to be drawn to thoughts for those who don’t have the luxury of such things. Personally, I want to be a part of something that addresses the problems of homelessness – the existence of such a thing is an unfathomable, horrendous aspect of our society – and to make a direct contribution in support of the work of a charity whose vital work helps those vulnerable at this time of year, Crisis.
‘Homelessness is about more than rooflessness. A home is not just a physical space, it also has a legal and social dimension. A home provides roots, identity, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing. Homelessness is about the loss of all of these. It is an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.’
So, all proceeds from this record, after Bandcamp and PayPal fees, will go directly to Crisis – the national charity for single homeless people. More information of the work they do, and homelessness generally, can be found on their website,
Thank you for your support with this project. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Much love,
Crow Versus Crow”

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The Revenant Sea – Terror From Space

“I’m telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the moon watching us.”

Released 11 December 2014

All tracks produced by Matt Bower
Limited edition black top CDR in plastic CD wallet with pro printed 160gsm inner sleeve.
Includes unlimited streaming of Terror From Space via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Edition of 15
£3 GBP or more
Tracks 2 and 3 are reversions of the opening and closing sections of ‘Terror From Space’.
Download includes 3 live ‘Terror From Space’ bonus tracks (recorded July/August 2014 direct to tape) and a specially commissioned ‘Terror From Space’ storyboard as a high quality PDF.

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The Revenant Sea – Terror From Space (Prologue)

Col. E. Corruthers

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Doing God’s Work

“On 13th November 1989, underground hardcore/death metal label Earache Records released the debut full-length album by a duo called Godflesh (20-year-old Justin Broadrick and his friend GC “Benny” Green). It wasn’t a hit. However, those it did resonate with took it deep into their hearts and the album and band became cult favourites. Influential yet overlooked.
Twenty-five years later, to mark the anniversary of this momentous release, I gathered together friends and colleagues from both the Avalanchers message board and further afield to interpret songs from this legendary album in their own way, in tribute to its timelessness and power.
This album is the result.”
-Mark Chickenf1sh

We Have contributed a version of ‘Life Is Easy’ to this epic comp. Our track features April Larson on vocals, Simon McCorry on Cello and Laica on field recordings.
Get it now!